About Us

Brisbane, Australia

We are specialists in producing high quality video content or TravelReels, specifically for the Australian accommodation industry.

Each TravelReel is designed to capture the attention of your potential visitors and provide the information they need at their Time to Make Plans moment, while our unique live dashboard, video player, and booking button allow you to easily monitor performance, and track the visits to your booking system.

The live dashboard is part of what makes TravelReel unique, as it allows subscribers to login and see statistics on how the videos are performing in real time. This data can then influence how you use your TravelReel to drive direct bookings using the Book Now Button, and to build an ideal customer profile.

When clicked, the Book Now Button takes your website visitors who have shown interest by clicking the video and gives them a direct link to your bookings page.

Being part of the Travelreel ecosystem means your video will work across every device and browser, and give you access to a wide range of options for marketing your property.

Not only do we provide engaging video content to our clients, but we also give you the expertise to get the most out of each TravelReel. That’s why we’ve created and fostered the TravelReel community.

We give our subscribers regular updates, best-practice guides and industry leading expertise to ensure your TravelReel is the best in Australia and, most importantly, will Add Real Value to your business and capture people at that Time to Make Plans moment.